Middle Eastern cultures have a rich and beautiful jewelry history that still dominates modern jewelry design. Jewelry was a display of wealth, power and pomp. She showed off her beauty women representing elegance, wealth and passed down from generation to generation.

Labren Jewelry is one of the modern and biggest jewelry designers and manufacturers in Turkey and America, and has expanded its brand to become one of the most reliable and famous jewelery brands.

With its modern manufacturing facility, more than 20 jeweler specialists, retail and wholesale stores, it currently operates throughout Turkey and the USA, and we look forward to continuing to create magnificent jewellery for generations to come.



In some cases it is a single stone that dictates the design process and in others it is the creation of a piece that brings forth the beauty of each stone. We found the art is in the complete balance of light that creates such timeless and exquisite designs. The Labren Jewelry created a new way of jewelry designing and we call it ART OF JEWELRY.

Our main mission is understanding the importance and value of jewelry in the lives of our clients. Ensuring that our jewelry can withstand the test of time and help carry the memories of the most important moments in a person’s life is the final goal.

Our manufacturing workshops are in Istanbul. It is an integral part of our jewelry excellence. The region has a rich history of making intricate handcrafted jewelry.

Every step in the jewelry manufacturing process is meticulously executed in our high tech, modern, secure manufacture and by our team of highly trained experts.

This is how Labren Jewelry can ensure exceptional standards in each and every jewelry item that is produced.

You can be sure that each piece of jewelry has been created with love, passion, precision and high tech.



Understanding the meaning of a piece of jewelry, what it represents in a client's life, is a vital element of jewelry design.

Labren Jewelry represents that no matter how small or large the piece of jewelry is, it commemorates a moment in a person's life, the manifestation of love, gratitude and self-expression.

We are fine jewelry manufacturers with over a half-century of experience in retail excellence and have a heightened sense of responsibility towards our clients. Knowing the sentiment that our clients attach to jewelry, we make every effort to ensure their satisfaction. With this in mind, we consider the customer engagement key when selecting the perfect piece or jewelry set.

Visit our stores or reach out to us online to consult with one of our team. As diamond jewelry manufacturers, we will be happy to take you through our collections to find that hidden gem you will treasure for life.

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How our manufactory design and works?


Labren Jewelry is a global jewelry manufacturer platform and has all the potential to be your one-stop service supplier. Our jewelry craftsmen have in total more than 150 year of experience, For decades, we have continuously delivered wholesale jewelery with quality that is unparalleled around the world. We have provided the advance jewelry manufacturing to create countless customized jewelry pieces.

Our priority

It doesn’t matter how big or small your order is, no minimum with your orders, we strive to satisfy your needs.

Custom Design

The custom designed jewelry manufacturing covers all kinds of jewelry from high value jewelry to everyday fashion jewelry setting. Jewelry type includes earrings, necklaces, bracletes and rings etc…

Premium Service

Whether you wholesale jewelry or customized order from Labren Jewelry, our professional team has a true enthusiasm for caring for the needs of our customers and doing more than what is expected of them in order to craft superb designs for your jewelry stores.


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Labren Jewelry is Ready to Share its valuable experience to jeweler industry with it own style and vision.